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Door Entry

Access control is all about managing who can and can't access a certain area. That area might be a car park, somebody's home, a 'staff only' area in a shopping centre...door entry panels are used for all kinds of different purposes, and as a result, you can find them practically everywhere. They're a very effective means of keeping unauthorised personnel out of restricted locations. Here at Global AV, we supply and install door entry panels in a wide variety of different locations for clients.

Here are some examples of where access control systems can been utilised:

Global AV Door Entry


Whatever your requirements, the Global AV team can supply and install a cutting-edge access control system that's perfectly suited to your premises and the people who use them. If you choose to take out a maintenance contract with us, we also offer a 24/7 engineering service to ensure that your door entry panels are secure and operational at all times.

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Its one thing to install smart systems, but our staff are also smart, tidy and safe. We understand that the environment we are working in maybe be a multi million pound house or a riser in a large building, either way we give all our working environment's with the same respect.