Multi Rom Audio

Multi-Room Audio means music in every room you want it – but connected. With easy-to-use controls, you can play the same or different music in every room simultaneously. We offer multi-room manufacturers, most of which use a standard infrastructure and are broadly interchangeable. For example, the Sonos multi-room systems are great for a typical residential or commercial space. However, Sonos does not require network wiring installation as it can form its digital wireless network, thus saving any building works.

Large interiors need powerful drivers and rich bass to fill the room in smaller spaces, especially those in urban settings, which require less raw power. Both should have the capability of delivering nuanced sound at all volume levels. Speakers with a Room Compensation feature allow you to get the most suitable sound performance for your particular space. In very few words, a speaker with Room Compensation enabled will consider the speaker’s placement and all the sound bouncing back from the walls and furniture in the room.