Home and business security are vital for many people. Many believe they only need home or business security if they own a lot of expensive items, but this is not entirely true. Anyone who owns a house or a business can benefit from CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) Cameras.

CCTV cameras allow you to video record specific areas inside or outside the home or business. These cameras can be linked to warning systems inside the house or even alert the police or other emergency contacts. You can see real-time video anywhere in the world. We calculate the amount of cameras recording time and space this will take on your hard drive to ensure you have at least a month of recording before overwriting the old footage. Our clients have peace of mind that if an incident occurs, they will have the footage.

Our main CCTV cameras that we use are:

  • IP cameras.
  • Night visionn cameras.
  • Indoor or Outdoor cameras.
  • Face and number plate reconition.
  • Thermal Cameras.