Smart Control

We utilise the best of modern technology to make everyday items innovative and controlled within residential or commercial buildings. From controlling your lighting from anywhere in the world to knowing your installation will automatically manage its temperature, security and cleanliness! Automation is a great way to improve your green building footprint this year.

We use various control systems available on the market, depending on the client's budget and needs. If equipment can be controlled, we will add an intelligent way to control the equipment from your custom-built interface. Interfaces we design can be viewed with in-wall screens or on your smart tablet or phone. We can set your system up so that you can control any equipment within your building from anywhere in the world; of course, this would only be possible if you have a data network connected to your device when away from your building.

A custom interface for your smart devices is always important to us, and it would be wrong to make you feel uncomfortable using the interface to control your home. We work closely with our clients to ensure their interface is as comfy as putting on their favourite lounging wear.