Door entry & Access Control

Access control is managing who can and cannot access a specific area. For example, that area might be a car park, somebody's home, or a 'staff only' location in a shopping centre... Access control can be used for different purposes, and as a result, you can find them practically everywhere. They're a very effective means of keeping unauthorised personnel out of restricted locations. So we supply and install door entry panels in a wide variety of different areas for clients. The look of entry panels can be custom coloured as well as text, which can become a part of the building's look instead of looking out of place.

Here are some examples of where access control systems can be utilised:

  • Apartment Blocks and other residential buildings.
  • Offices.
  • Shop stock rooms and staff only areas.
  • Schools and Uiversities.
  • Resricted areas withing public buildings, Leisure centers and Hotels.