Home Cinema

Home cinema design and installation require more than putting together electronics. It also entails carefully designing every element in the room to create a complete experience and unique user experience. Small details, like a projector dropping down the ceiling at the touch of a button, a TV appearing behind the wall painting and speakers become a part of interior design.

When uncompromising image fidelity, brightness and resolution are required, you can count on True 4K™ solutions to power your most breathtaking cinematic content or complex 3D visualisation systems. Based on advanced DLP® technology, True 4K solutions represent the leading edge in digital projection by providing the new standard for the most reliable, brightest and highest-performing solutions.

Our main thoughts that we consider are:

  • Surround Dolby Atmos sound.
  • Mood Lighting.
  • High quality projection.
  • Seating & Comfort.